ATTN: Bay Area Climate Leaders

Wonder what really went down in Copenhagen? Hear it from your peers, not the politicians!!

Meet up with the students of SF who went to Copenhagen in December for the UN Climate Negotiations and hear their stories (the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun in Denmark...) as well as enjoy some tasty snacks!

When: Next Weds, January 13, 2010 - 6pm-7pm

Environmental Invention!

By Liz Gomez - ACE Intern, Houston

Want to be the coolest kid at school? No need to buy the hippest clothes, or toys. You don’t need to be the varsity athlete or have the best car. You need a SOLAR BACKPACK!

"We Can't Re-Freeze the Greenland Ice Sheet"

Ok, I know this is not exactly breaking news -- but this news about our world's ever decreasing icy lands seems worth passing along if only because of this striking map of the entire globe and ice loss. Check it out!

Alec Loorz: At the end of Copenhagen

By Alec Loorz - ACE's Youth Leader

Exhaustion. Excitement. Disappointment. Hope. Confusion. Contentment. All emotions I felt on my last day in Copenhagen.

I’m home now, and what an adventure this has been. Despite the problems with the final agreement (which I’ll talk about in a minute,) I’m totally glad I went and proud to have taken part in this historic event.

Happy Holidays!!

Hooray for break, no homework, homemade COOKIES and amazing movies on TV!

As you kick back and relax, we just wanna say: have a wonderful holiday! Below is a photo of our entire crew hanging out in Oakland last week.

Did you know you can find us in a few new places this spring? That's right! Check us out in New York / New Jersey; the D.C.-area; Austin, TX; Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado!

Happy Holidays.

Was Copenhagen a Failure?

Someone may ask you at your next holiday party and if you read this post, you'll have an answer! Or, at least the beginning of one. So before you shut off your computer and go see Avatar (which you definitely SHOULD), check out what happened over in Denmark and how it affects us.

After two weeks of nonstop talking, the world's climate leaders and negotiators have left Copenhagen without a deal. Well, sort-of. They have a political agreement... kind of. Here's what I mean:

Alec Loorz: Live from Copenhagen Day 4

By Alec Loorz - ACE Youth Leader

Wow, I feel so inspired while writing this. The highlight of my day was a speech by Al Gore calling upon the world leaders to take real action for the youth of this and every generation.


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