Why's It So Cold?

Snow on Bluebonnets

From Liz, resident Intern in Houston, addressing a topic that has made its mark in TX:

“It’s so cold outside, obviously this global warming thing is a hoax”

“Yeah, dude, totally”

ACE Chicago supports partners for MLK Day

Coming off of a great Leadership and Presenter Training on January 9th, including the collaborative efforts of 5 ACE | Chicago Partners and 30 amazing students from around the region, we're reaching out to our partners and communities again!

ACE Youth Advisory Board

By Daniela Lapidous - ACE Youth Advisory Board

Hey, there! We are the inaugural Youth Advisory Board - Alec Loorz, Adarsha Shivakumar, Shreya Indukuri, and Daniela Lapidous - and we are ready to be the direct connection between ACE and our generation.

Our mission statement goes like this: "The ACE Youth Advisory Board strives to use our experiences with climate action to add a youth perspective into ACE programs and inspire other youth to take initiative."

What's Your DOT?

It's 2010 - the dawn of a new decade (not to be confused with 2012!). Over here at ACE, we've made some green resolutions to kick off a decade of change and we wanna know: what's your green resolution of 2010?

To make a great green resolution, you don’t have to go live in a cave or wear only hemp clothing, you just gotta choose a DOT - a Do One Thing. A DOT is one thing you'll do to have a positive impact on our planet.

Here are a couple of DOTs to get your gears turning:

Pics for Thought

Hmmm yeah what if we do create a better world "for nothing"?!

YACC Dispatch - #1

Hey guys this is Terrae one of the ACE interns here in the Bay Area checking in. I'm here to give updates about my project and action team. Its called the YACC which stands for Youth Activisim against Climate Change.

ATTN: Bay Area Climate Leaders

Wonder what really went down in Copenhagen? Hear it from your peers, not the politicians!!

Meet up with the students of SF who went to Copenhagen in December for the UN Climate Negotiations and hear their stories (the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun in Denmark...) as well as enjoy some tasty snacks!

When: Next Weds, January 13, 2010 - 6pm-7pm

Environmental Invention!

By Liz Gomez - ACE Intern, Houston

Want to be the coolest kid at school? No need to buy the hippest clothes, or toys. You don’t need to be the varsity athlete or have the best car. You need a SOLAR BACKPACK!

"We Can't Re-Freeze the Greenland Ice Sheet"

Ok, I know this is not exactly breaking news -- but this news about our world's ever decreasing icy lands seems worth passing along if only because of this striking map of the entire globe and ice loss. Check it out!


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