Sweet Tooth?

In the article Lesson For Schools: Sweetened Junk Shouldn't Count as Food by Ed Bruske, talks about how too much sugar is given to kids in school lunches. In the school lunch rules it says the sugar level should be no more than 30% of the calories...but schools just have a hard time obeying this. Of course they want the food to look more appealing. That's like asking a kid "would you rather have pizza or salad?"

YACC Download

Hey guys, this is Terrae checking in about the latest YACC class! What's YACC, you ask? Good question. It's this hot new group I'm starting up at Met West High School called Youth Activism against Climate Change --> YACC for short. This is my ongoing blog series, so you can find other posts here.

March to the X-games day 4

We've arrived in Aspen, CO... home of the 2010 Winter X-Games!

Quick update for now, because we'll have more coming later:

Check out our video from yesterday - Day 3!

CO Students Want Snow to Shred

Colorado has a lot at stake when it comes to a warming world: shorter (if any) ski seasons, disease and sharp economic downturn are just a few of the projected impacts.

March to the X-Games volume dos

Quick update: we co-presented with two X-Games super stars on Monday at Glenwood Springs HS - Meg Olenick and Spencer O'Brien!

These young women are on top of their game and they found the time to come talk to high school students about their sport, their passions, and why climate change is important to them. Very inspiring!

Check out Bridget's video update!

ACE on the way to the Winter X-Games

ACE Educators Bridget and Michael are on a march to the 2010 ESPN Winter X-Games, in Aspen, Colorado! We’re going to be delivering the ACE presentation to over one thousand students in 5 schools in the Roaring Fork Valley and rockin' it at the X-Games on Thursday!

Cali Storm from Space

Passed on to me from a lovely man, this picture is wild!! Check it out:

And, storms are only supposed to become MORE intense with climate change... yikes!

The Dream Reborn (My President Is Green)

-By Keona Harris - ACE Intern

This video, I must say is very empowering to me. Just from watching and hearing the lyrics of this song makes you want to do whatever you possibly can to make a contribution to the change. He relates it back to the dream of Dr. King at it makes so much sense; it makes you think like, "Are we as people really following the dream?"

Haiti Struck AGAIN, Today...

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti about a week ago and the 6.1 magnitude aftershock came this morning! These people are in major need of money for surgery. They need pain killers to numb the pain of bones being popped back into place or limbs amputated...yikes!

While earthquakes are not caused by climate change we can see how a country with so little resources is being seriously impacted. And, to me this connects because scientists agree that the world's poorest countries will be hardest hit - at least at first - by the impacts of our changing climate.


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