Really, really OLD climate change...

Check it out -- here's a question I've gotten from a lot of people before:  Wasn't it a lot hotter back when the dinosaurs were around?

And what that can often lead someone to ask next:  Doesn't that mean climate change today is no big deal?!

Here's the answer: YES, it was a lot hotter back when dinosaurs were around.  Here's their world:

A Great Day for Houston Trees

Just like Lonna and Darrell in Atlanta, on Saturday (Jan 30), the Houston ACE team worked with 60 volunteers to plant 500 trees in Weiss Park along the 610 Loop. In an event sponsored by one of our local partners, Trees for Houston, for their Arbor Day Planting we added to the Houston tree population AND did it in only 1.5 hours!

ACE Atlanta is out groWING!

On Saturday, the ACE Atlanta team attended a super SWEET partner event with Trees Atlanta. The Atlanta Community Food Bank hosted a great fruit tree sale where people came from all over Atlanta and even as far as 60 miles outside of the city to purchase various trees. And the fun didn’t stop there...

Medal-Winning Dot

We're still live from the X Games, baby! You might have caught this video in our last post but I had to give it its own stage, it's that good!

We've been able to snag lots of face time with medal-winning athletes and I want to share some Friday inspiration with you.

Between classes, or at least before you head out for the weekend (hopefully to shred some snow of your own) check out this amazing 11-second video featuring a DOT from Chris Klug, Olympic bronze medalist in snowboarding!

X Games Xtravaganza - ACE victory arrival in Aspen!

Imagine getting out of school for the day, and getting bused over to the coolest thing in, well, the country right now - the Winter X Games. You walk up the main entrance, into a world of captivating lights and free swag and of course all your favorite X Games athletes. Ahead of you, you can see snowboarders ripping sick trips on a huge halfpipe, and off the the side snowmobilers are flipping and twisting and doing all sorts of insane stuff that in my personal opinion should be banned in some of the crazier states.

March to X Games Day 3 - Dr. HUCKstable report

Just off the mountain and sitting in the front row of Aspen High School's auditorium while the team sets up for an all school assembly.  We have Michael Franti cranking in the background and setting the mood, Michael performing his breathing and auditory exercises.  Bridget saying hello to some old teachers.  Stewy capturing it all on Flip.  Kids playing in the snow outside.  It feels like home.

Sweet Tooth?

In the article Lesson For Schools: Sweetened Junk Shouldn't Count as Food by Ed Bruske, talks about how too much sugar is given to kids in school lunches. In the school lunch rules it says the sugar level should be no more than 30% of the calories...but schools just have a hard time obeying this. Of course they want the food to look more appealing. That's like asking a kid "would you rather have pizza or salad?"

YACC Download

Hey guys, this is Terrae checking in about the latest YACC class! What's YACC, you ask? Good question. It's this hot new group I'm starting up at Met West High School called Youth Activism against Climate Change --> YACC for short. This is my ongoing blog series, so you can find other posts here.


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