Climate Leaders Gather in Sacramento!

This is a guest blog entry by Veronica Yates, a senior at Union Mine High School in El Dorado, CA and the president of her school's Environmental Club and ACE Action Team.

10:00 am.

Helping Beantown Become Greentown!

The Youth Climate Action Network (YouthCAN) at Boston Latin School (BLS) is doing one of the coolest projects I've seen yet! They're installing a sweet green roof on their school, plus they're working with teachers in the area to develop curriculum + share the project with students around Boston.

I got to interview the students to learn more about how they're doing the project:

Connecticut Climate Rockstar: Julie Blum

Check out this video of an awesome Conservation Song written by high school student, Julie Blum! Read about how she started the Energy Conservation Program at her local elementary school, middle school, AND high school. Julie is a student at Westbrook High in Westbrook, CT.

Conservation Song by Julie Blum:

Conservation Song by Julie Blum

Julie's words:

Rising to the Challenge

I just returned from The Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The students there are rockin' the Green Cup Challenge, doing some awesome projects. They have a garden, are composting, and are changing their eating habits to eat more local foods in the cafeteria. Their sustainability team is collecting plastic bottles thrown away to educate their peers about waste.

Composting, Recycling, and Green Fairs, Go Maine!

I just returned from an awesome trip to Maine where I met some incredible students!

The youth of Maine are awake to the risks of climate change and they are on the move: transforming their schools and deepening their understanding of the solutions to take on the next set of challenges!

Check out some of what students are doing:

--Students at Cheverus High School in Portland are thinking of ways to expand their Outing Club to include more environmental education and service projects. They're also starting a Green Team to do composting on campus.

Leave no succulent behind!

ACE in LA has partnered with a super cool organization bent on improving our communities and planting lots of little carbon sinks throughout the city. LA Guerrilla Gardening will be running a seed bomb workshop during our March 6th student leader training so get your application in and let the fun begin!


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