Rhyming for Climate

How are you Raising your Voice to help stop Climate Change?

The youth who participated in the New Bedford Climate Camp got a chance to work with local hip-hop artist Tem Blessed and create their own climate raps. Check it out (and look for cameos by ACE Educators Julian and me, Alan):

ACE Climate Leaders take over L.A.!

By Jenna Hoover, ACE Field Correspondent

One dismal morning in March 2010, twenty environmental leaders congregated at Sacred Heart High School to learn how to successfully launch a campaign. Little did these high school students know that they would also become rappers and seedball-makers during the next six hours!

Give your broken umbrella another chance

... and turn it into a sweet bag! Find out how:

Courtesy of Umbra at Grist.

An awesome way to reduce the waste we're pouring into landfills, save some cash and stay ahead of the fashion curve. Win-win!

ACE in Arkansas

Check it out, ACE!  Here's a quick download of our time in Arkansas.

Put a Cap on it !?!

A new rule has just took effect last month...its called the "New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule". Well the purpose of this is to reduce the tons of carbon and heat-trapping gases being released by all of our factories. This rule will effect 1,200 factories, excluding the agriculture sites which were excused from this rule by a directive from Congress...

It’s cold! It’s snowing! Is climate change a hoax?!?

It's winter! It’s been snowing all over the country! It’s cold! Does this mean that climate change isn’t happening?? mm, no.

Although that’s what a lot of skeptics would like people to think. As Jon Stewart said last week, “These snow storms still do bring joy to two types of people: Children… and global warming deniers.” ...

Climate Leaders Gather in Sacramento!

This is a guest blog entry by Veronica Yates, a senior at Union Mine High School in El Dorado, CA and the president of her school's Environmental Club and ACE Action Team.

10:00 am.


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