Turning off the tap is not enough!

Last Monday, I had the great opportunity to go listen to our country’s Secretary of Energy, Steve Chu. After a brief overview of climate change and the reality of global warming due to the human race’s contribution of GHG emissions to the atmosphere, the secretary of energy laid down his thoughts for how the US can transform energy to combat the effects of climate change along with numerous other benefits.


Mrs. Orr’s Environmental Science class at Jonesboro High School in Jonesboro, GA was assigned the task of transforming a typically discarded item into a reusable product. At the end of it all, they found they gave recycled a whole new meaning! See what I mean:

Here I am adorning a cool couture sling bag made completely out of plastic bags!

Solar in the Schools!

Hey, Bridget here, ACE Educator in Colorado. I’m excited to introduce our newest partner Solar Energy International (SEI) and tell you about some of the exciting things they are up to this spring!

SEI is a non-profit that’s working hard to help people use more renewable energy and sustainable building technologies through education and technical assistance.

Terrae checking in!

Hey guys, this is Terrae checking in on the Youth Against Climate Change (YACC for short)!

I know I have been M.I.A. for the past couple weeks, but that was because I have been working on this awesome video about my class! The video talks about concepts they have learned over the semester, and the students also talk about their DOT's. I showed the video to my school because my class also counts as my year-long, senior year project that I get assessed for.

Learning to Lead

On Saturday, March 6, thirty-three students from four New England states (CT, MA, ME, RI) gathered in Boston for the region's first leadership training. Read on to hear what three students from Portland, ME say about the training!

Post By: Becca Coyne, Adrienne Broadwater, Hank Stein. Students from Deering High School, Portland, ME.

Rhyming for Climate

How are you Raising your Voice to help stop Climate Change?

The youth who participated in the New Bedford Climate Camp got a chance to work with local hip-hop artist Tem Blessed and create their own climate raps. Check it out (and look for cameos by ACE Educators Julian and me, Alan):

ACE Climate Leaders take over L.A.!

By Jenna Hoover, ACE Field Correspondent

One dismal morning in March 2010, twenty environmental leaders congregated at Sacred Heart High School to learn how to successfully launch a campaign. Little did these high school students know that they would also become rappers and seedball-makers during the next six hours!


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