Students work to re-power Maine

On the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, the hard work of some amazing students in Maine has come to fruition. From a televised press conference, to successful installation of solar panels on school rooftops, the stories below chronicle a semseter of hard work and sweet rewards!

Deering High School senior Faye Perry has been a tireless advocate for solutions to climate change -- both for her high school and throughout Maine. Yesterday...

You can save $100 this Earth Day:

Celebrate Earth Day with green gurus from NWF and GreenMyParents -- your chance to find out how to save over $100.

Tune in here tomorrow at 10am PST // 1pm EST!

What does sea level rise look like?

When it comes to climate change, it’s really easy for it to feel like it's happening far away! Part of that stems from the fact that it’s SO HARD to visualize a lot of these consequences AND a lot of them are projected to happen a long time from now.

Luckily for us, some awesome graphic designers are working hard to clear things up. Check out this interactive graph about projected sea level rise [...]

Is there anything GOOD about global warming?

In the last science report, we looked at how heat trapped in by extra man-made greenhouse gases translates to more energy and how that energy gets used to make storms, droughts, wildfires and heat waves bigger.

But could any of this extra energy be a positive thing? Like a superhero who decides to use his powers for good, not evil?! In this report I'll tell you about 3 of the more positive sides of global warming...

The future of clean energy in Indiana

I was lucky to spend April 10th - this past Saturday - in Indiana at the Indiana Clean Energy Forum, an event aimed at sparking a lasting conversation about clean energy. I was even luckier to work with four amazing high school students who made this event happen!

I was so inspired by the students' ability to organize this Forum. I was so inspired, in fact, I made a video about it. Read on to watch the video and hear from Iraq War veterans as they join in the clean energy conversation!

What do you wanna win in 2010?

Here at ACE, we wanna to go big in 2010 with awesome contests for people around the country! The thing is... we're not exactly sure where to start! Can you help? Pls comment on the Q's below!

As Tall As Lions rocks DOT

ACE teamed up with a hot new band called As Tall As Lions to take DOT (Do One Thing) to new audiences across the country. They're kicking off their headlining tour tonight in Chicago and we'll be giving away concert tickets to students in Chicago, Denver, Northern California, Atlanta, and Boston!

Meet the band, learn about the project by watching this sweet video:

Chicago Schools Go Green - will you!?

By Lynda Lopez, ACE Field Correspondent and student at Prosser Career Academy

As a student reporter for the Chicago Tribune’s weekly high school newspaper The Mash, I don't always know what I am going to be investigating! Recently, I was lucky enough to be assigned the cover story for an article entitled “Going Green in Chicago.” I have never felt so deeply impacted by a story before.


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