Chicago Schools Go Green - will you!?

By Lynda Lopez, ACE Field Correspondent and student at Prosser Career Academy

As a student reporter for the Chicago Tribune’s weekly high school newspaper The Mash, I don't always know what I am going to be investigating! Recently, I was lucky enough to be assigned the cover story for an article entitled “Going Green in Chicago.” I have never felt so deeply impacted by a story before.

Join Earth Hour on Saturday: 3/27/2010 - 8:30pm!

This Saturday at 8:30pm, the world will send a powerful message to our leaders that climate change must be dealt with A.S.A.P.! You can help send this message on Saturday by turning off non-essential lighting for one hour and joining in on Earth Hour!

Turning off the tap is not enough!

Last Monday, I had the great opportunity to go listen to our country’s Secretary of Energy, Steve Chu. After a brief overview of climate change and the reality of global warming due to the human race’s contribution of GHG emissions to the atmosphere, the secretary of energy laid down his thoughts for how the US can transform energy to combat the effects of climate change along with numerous other benefits.


Mrs. Orr’s Environmental Science class at Jonesboro High School in Jonesboro, GA was assigned the task of transforming a typically discarded item into a reusable product. At the end of it all, they found they gave recycled a whole new meaning! See what I mean:

Here I am adorning a cool couture sling bag made completely out of plastic bags!


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