Gulf of Mexico oil disaster hits home

The oil disaster is creeping closer and closer to our coast here in Texas, with our neighbors in Louisiana already suffering. This disaster is hitting home as I think of my family and friends that work on offshore oil rigs.

As the disaster continues to unfold, I have to wonder, if what's going down in the Gulf of Mexico was a “wind spill” or “solar spill,” would so many lives be at risk?

Connecting the why

By Pic Walker, ACE Executive Director

I just returned from Disneyland, CA. Yes, that magical park where kids imagination and dreams are embraced like no other place in the world. I was there to celebrate the Disney Planet Challenge -- and the Grand Prize Winners: 6th graders from Mediapolis, Iowa, working hard to save the Bobwhite Quail.

Through conversations with these students in between thrill rides and celebrity sightings, I realized the importance of the connecting with the "why" of what we do.

When it comes to stopping climate change, or compelling anyone to take action, we have to make it personal.

Quest for Green Prom Dress

It’s prom and graduation season, which can only mean one thing: amazing nights with amazing friends in gorgeous outfits! But – it comes at a cost, to our planet AND our wallets. Here’s our Challenge:

Post a picture of your awesome vintage or used ensemble for prom on our Facebook wall between May 12-May 31 and you’ll be entered to win a $100 debit card to use on your special night!!

Come with us on a quest for the green prom dress...

Contest: Go Big or Go Home ACE LA!

How about going for the glory? The ACE team is ready to reward one team for dominating at the end of the school year. Think it's your team? Prove it by collecting the most DOTs by June 15.

ACE teams up with Clif Bar for 2 Mile Challenge Campaign

What's the 2 Mile Challenge, you ask?

Hint: it has to do with moving yourself 2 miles, in a greener, cleaner way...

Dive into this blog post to watch a sweet video and find out how YOU can help the ACE team pedal towards a cleaner, more sustainable world!

Move over Google! acespace 2.0 is here

ACE fans have undoubtedly noticed that we had a pretty significant website overhaul over the weekend. Sure, we've always had a mind-blowing website, but with some careful research, user testing, and bruising brainstorming sessions, we think we found a way to make ever-so-slightly MORE mind-blowing.

So - please add your comments - what do you think of our new & improved website?

Meet the ACE Earth Day Contest Winner!

Two weeks ago, we issued a challenge out to the world: post a picture of what you're doing this Earth Day on our Facebook wall, and you'll entered to win a Flip Cam!! THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up and out for our planet this year!

For Joey Ducharme of Lowell High School in Lowell, MA, climate change became very real after a trip to the zoo...

Clean energy made in America: Cape Wind

Even if you don't live in New England, chances are you've heard of the epic story of "Cape Wind."

From rampant NIMBY-ism (Not In My Backyard), to emotional court battles involving tribal lands and private homes, the proposed wind farm a few miles off of the shore of Nantucket, Massachusetts, has been one of -- if not the -- most contentious domestic clean energy proposals!

Cape Wind is now set to move with involvement from the Obama Administration, the issue is...

How to win the big bucks: Boston Latin School - MA

Check out how Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network just won $15,000 to help put a green roof on their school!

They've got some cool ideas that could help your Action Team win a funding contest too...

On Volcanoes and Climate Change

Cross posted from our friends over at Climate Central.

What do volcanoes have to do with climate change, if anything? Michael Lemonick explores as he takes us on a trip through the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull (we can't pronounce it either) and past volcanic eruptions!


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