ACE. Reverb. Sheryl Crow.

Hot nights, music so loud you can feel it in your chest, your best friends. These are the memories that you take with you as you rock out at summer concerts. But there are a few other items that are often left behind... like TONS of waste!!

Thankfully, there are organizations like ACE Partner, Reverb, out there to help us be more environmentally conscious fans. We're on tour with Reverb this summer, just saw Sheryl Crow and...

NBC's Today Show spotlights Boston's greenest teens

Still waiting for your 15 seconds of fame? Well, Boston Latin School's YouthCAN teens got theirs today with a 3:53 minute showcase on NBC's Today Show!

Check it out here ...and start to think of how you can land your Action Team a spot on television too!

Summer Solstice: is your Earth Amplified?

Just in time for the longest day of the year - this glorious summer solstice - EARTH AMPLIFIED, the new full-length album by ACE Educator AshEl Seasunz + J. Bless is out now!

Check it for yourself here...

LA Leadership Training @ SONY PICTURES!

You want to learn how to be a great leader right? Someone capable of telling your story in a way that inspires others to make change... But, you also want to be working on this critical issue to be fun for you and your friends, right? Plus, I bet you wouldn't mind spending a day at the movies!

Well ACE LA can make these dreams come true -- come to our leadership training this SATURDAY 6/26 at Sony Picture Studios! Just fill out our quick app TODAY! And don't delay, because the deadline is 5pm PST.

Details about training and how to apply are available on our website.

11yr old raises $100k for oil spill recovery

11 year old Olivia Bouler cried when she heard about the devastation going down in the gulf. But she didn't stop there.

She wrote to the Audubon Society, put her hand to the page and began to draw.

One week later, she's helped raise over $100k for gulf relief! Here's how she did it...

Oil Disaster: how you can help

Today is day 55 of the worst oil spill in our nation's history. This oil spill is bad, really bad. So bad, that the word "spill" falls totally short of describing what's going on. It's an oil disaster.

This disaster is spewing around 50,000 gallons of oil EVERY SINGLE DAY into the Gulf of Mexico -- and has been doing this since April 20th -- affecting the livelihood of millions of people and absolutely devastating ecosystems along the Gulf.

It can be hard to digest exactly what's going down in the Gulf and know what to do. But the good news is, you don't have to be an engineer or a drilling expert to help out the wildlife and people being affected! There are some really important things that you and I can do. Here are just a few ideas...


By Daisy Pistey-Lyhne - ACE Senior Educator in Washington, DC

Well, let me begin this blog with a hearty congratulations!! You're moving on from high school, congratulations. This also means you are moving on from ACE, tear!

As you go, I want to make sure you have the tools you need to stay with the climate movement - whether you're going on to college, starting a job or moving someplace entirely new.

Read on for info on how to land a sweet green job, and connect with one of 5 awesome organizations...

15 tips to green your summer

By Maria, ACE Field Correspondent

Wondering how you can green your summer? I can help!

Check out 15 simple tips to green up your summer - and don't forget to choose your DOT here:


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