Boat made of plastic bottles sails 8,300 miles!

“Overwhelmed! Wow! Need to breathe. Wow! Wow! Wow!” tweeted Plastiki's crew as they approached the Sydney Harbor today.

Plastiki, a boat whose buoyancy relied on the 12,500 plastic bottles encased in its hull, successfully sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, in 128 days.

Carrying a crew of six intrepid explorers, the Plastiki set out on an epic and demanding mission described by the San Francisco chronicle as the “adventure of the century”.

An eco-prom? Priceless

Going green is not just something for tree hugging hippies anymore. It is simple to do and anyone can do it.

Here's how my girlfriend and I went green for prom - and had a blast along the way...

Your roof can save you money!

The roof over your head could save you and your family thousands of dollars as you help the climate out!!!! No, I'm not talking about anything fancy, like solar panels or new roofing.

Our nobel prize-winning secretary of energy, Steven Chu, says that saving lots of energy can be as simple as painting your roof a lighter color.

Find out how we could save $735 million dollars and offset the heating effect 1.2 gigatons of CO2 every year! (That's the equivalent of taking 300 million cars off the road for 20 years!!!!

Where is the most polluted zip code?

Funny you ask! I might just have an answer. I recently returned from an amazing trip to Detroit, Michigan for two conferences - the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum (powerful and inspiring events - check 'em out!).

People in Detroit were incredible, welcoming, and brilliant. And while I was visiting there, I learned some disturbing things...

A compassionate climate hero passes

We just got word that Stephen Schneider, a renowned climate scientist and a person dear to our hearts, has passed away. Steve was the head of our Science Advisory Board and a source of deep inspiration here at ACE.

You can read a brief obituary from Andy Revkin over at DotEarth.

We send our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and the entire community.

no sleep, battery failure, a news crew: biobus tour day 1

Between Ethan and me, we'd slept like 20 hours in 4 days, not enough by a long shot. But luckily, the adrenaline was pumping and we felt more than awake as we launched ACE's Connect the DOTs Biobus Tour - a 3-week road trip on a former school bus converted to run on recycled veggie oil to inspire people to choose their DOT.

We started off the tour in Venice Beach and all way going fine until...

Vote 4 ACE in Pepsi Refresh!!!

This July, ACE is in the running for $250,000 from Pepsi Refresh! It's an awesome opportunity - and we need your support to seal the deal.

Please vote for ACE every day in the month of July! It's super easy to vote, just go to

It takes 10 seconds and your vote will help ACE bring our free climate presentation to your high school!

What's hot in DC - besides the weather?

We all know it's blazing hot in DC right now -- but it turns our our senators are worked up about more than just the temp outside.

Our Senators and our President are hunkering down RIGHT NOW to try and figure out what type of bill they can pass this summer.

What are your elected leaders doing to get us on the path toward a clean energy future? Read on to find out...


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