US Goverment on the hunt for clean energy

What would you do if you were in charge of our government and on the hunt for clean energy miracles capable of filling our gas tanks with something new??

Read on to see how the U.S. government is funding a new agency that aims to develop cars that run on trees or electricity made from clean energy sources!

ACE Northeast rocks out w/ DMB

This summer, ACE Northeast hooked up with Reverb to collect DOTs from fans rocking out to Dave Mathews Band and Yonder Mountain String Band in Massachusetts. Almost everyone we talked with was more than ready to take steps to help the environment and cool the climate.

In less than 2 hours Rouwenna and I collected 100 DOTs! Here's what we saw...

Signs of a changing climate

Last Thursday a giant ice island broke off of the Petermann Glacier in Greenland.

Now, this "ice island" is ginormous -- scientists say it's 4 times the size of New York City, easily, and contains enough fresh water to keep the Hudson River flowing for two years...

Bike Technology is Delicious

At the 4th annual Youth Climate Action Network (Youth CAN) Summit at MIT, hosted by the climate superstars at the Boston Latin School, ACE Northeast ran into our local partner Bikes not Bombs.

And I want to pause for a second to show you some of Bikes Not Bombs' sweetest projects - from their Earn-a-Bike program where youth build their own bikes and learn all about bike mechanics, safety, and environmental issues (talk about a marketable skill!), to their international program that's shipped over 40,000 bikes to Central America, the Caribbean and Africa over the past 25 years.

Gulf oil disaster update: people, wildlife, how to help

BP says they are close to permanently sealing off the well 5,000 feet beneath the ocean that is leaking millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. But, "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades" - so we'll wait for final confirmation before we take that one to the bank.

What we do want to do, though, is give you an update on where the wildlife and people in the Gulf are at, more than 100 days since the disaster began back in April...

Biobus Adventure: What Makes The Best Breakfast?

Instead of eating our usual breakfast, we grabbed some fried plantains and Central American pastries in South L.A., while also feeding the bus a little good morning grease... (video inside)

Hot Friday night with Dave Matthews Band!

Last Friday, ACE was out in the 102* heat at National Stadium in Washington, DC with the Dave Matthews Band.

With a heat wave hitting the East Coast, ACE's message about cooling the climate really resonated with DMB lovers on the verge of heat stroke. Here's how we kept it cool...

Message from ACE’s Founder

I am the founder, and Chairman of the Board of the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE). ACE’s mission is to educate high school students about the science behind climate change and inspire them to take action to curb its causes.

I am writing this blog post in response to a Special Report, “Does BP Have an ACE Up Its Sleeve on Climate Education?” It is unfortunate to get distracted from our important work, but this report is based on falsehoods and inaccuracies and we must set the record straight. This letter will lay out the facts on the most egregious errors in this report.

Biobus Day 5: Clark Kent = Ethan Burke?

Now, Ethan isn't your normal ACE Educator. He's a superhero trapped in an educator's body.

See just what I mean in this little video...


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