Hot Friday night with Dave Matthews Band!

Last Friday, ACE was out in the 102* heat at National Stadium in Washington, DC with the Dave Matthews Band.

With a heat wave hitting the East Coast, ACE's message about cooling the climate really resonated with DMB lovers on the verge of heat stroke. Here's how we kept it cool...

Message from ACE’s Founder

I am the founder, and Chairman of the Board of the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE). ACE’s mission is to educate high school students about the science behind climate change and inspire them to take action to curb its causes.

I am writing this blog post in response to a Special Report, “Does BP Have an ACE Up Its Sleeve on Climate Education?” It is unfortunate to get distracted from our important work, but this report is based on falsehoods and inaccuracies and we must set the record straight. This letter will lay out the facts on the most egregious errors in this report.

Biobus Day 5: Clark Kent = Ethan Burke?

Now, Ethan isn't your normal ACE Educator. He's a superhero trapped in an educator's body.

See just what I mean in this little video...

Biobus Day 4: skatepark, solar concert, and the San Diego police

“360? Okay.”

A young skater who looked about 13 years old dropped into a 15 ft vert ramp from the 2006 X-Games. Teens and kids on skateboards, bikes, and scooters were shredding all over the 40,000 sq ft Krause Family skatepark in San Diego.

The ACE Biobus arrived on the scene to provide further entertainment. The Wiley One unpacked instruments and amplifiers for a solar-powered concert on the rooftop of Bluebird.

Bay Area artists raise awareness about Gulf oil disaster

Check out a nearby TV station interviewing ACE educator Ashel "Seasunz" Eldridge on how local artists like him and Ambessa Fiyapowa can Take Back the Mic and raise awareness about what's going down in the Gulf of Mexico...

Biobus Day 3: fuel system repair + a solar-powered concert

To start the day, we needed a new alternator for the bus - the thing that helps the engine charge the battery so that you have electricity to start the bus... (remember our battery failure on Saturday?) Basically, if we didn't have the solar panels (bonus thanks Sungevity), we wouldn't have been able to start the bus and get going.

Back to the alternator... "should be no problem," Ethan assures me. "I'll make it happen and we'll be on the road in no time." He looked confident.

An hour comes and goes...

DC drops the climate ball

With all climate news pointing to the need for America to end its dependence on fossil fuels and curb climate change, you’d think our leaders would be stepping up and taking take action, right?

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. While some have been stepping up to the ball, the chance of a cap on carbon emissions got snatched away last week, leaving these Senators looking more and more like Charlie Brown...

Boat made of plastic bottles sails 8,300 miles!

“Overwhelmed! Wow! Need to breathe. Wow! Wow! Wow!” tweeted Plastiki's crew as they approached the Sydney Harbor today.

Plastiki, a boat whose buoyancy relied on the 12,500 plastic bottles encased in its hull, successfully sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, in 128 days.

Carrying a crew of six intrepid explorers, the Plastiki set out on an epic and demanding mission described by the San Francisco chronicle as the “adventure of the century”.

An eco-prom? Priceless

Going green is not just something for tree hugging hippies anymore. It is simple to do and anyone can do it.

Here's how my girlfriend and I went green for prom - and had a blast along the way...


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