Move over Google! acespace 2.0 is here

What we were trying to conquer when developing acespace 2.0
The planet we were trying to conquer when developing acespace 2.0

ACE fans have undoubtedly noticed that we had a pretty significant website overhaul over the weekend. Sure, we've always had a mind-blowing website, but with some careful research, user testing, and bruising brainstorming  sessions, we think we found a way to make ever-so-slightly MORE mind-blowing.

So - please add your comments - what do you think of our new & improved website?

A few highlights:
-New homepage with a clear description of what ACE does (including this Oscar-contending video), snazzy rotating slides that feature juicy pics re: climate science and our awesome Action Teams, and, of course, a highly prominent position for our blog
-New navigation system that lets you pilot around acespace with the confidence of an extraordinarily handsome Italian racecar driver
-Built-out and charmingly powerful donation page with a robust description of ACE's impact - please forward to all your donor contacts!
-A "Dropping Science" section with common climate science questions (what's up with those blizzards?) - AND a brand new formspring widget where YOU can ask questions about climate change and receive a custom answer by an ACE science educator (keep it clean!)
-Loads of little touch-ups and improvements and general jazzing up

So - enjoy! And please let us know what you think through the comments below and our Facebook page. Your input is critical for us to continually improve and make it the best darn website in the entire galaxy.