Rising to the Challenge

I just returned from The Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The students there are rockin' the Green Cup Challenge, doing some awesome projects. They have a garden, are composting, and are changing their eating habits to eat more local foods in the cafeteria. Their sustainability team is collecting plastic bottles thrown away to educate their peers about waste. Students are building a solar car and working to put solar panels on their new gym. Plus, they have a wind turbine!

Check out these sweet videos they made about their Green Cup Challenge efforts:

Saving Energy: A Love Story

Inspiring Words, Powerful Projects: Eaglebrook Green Cup Challenge

For more videos and information about Eaglebrook's sustainability work, check out their Sustainability page.

To learn more about the Green Cup Challenge, watch other schools' videos, and learn how to sign up next year, visit: The Green Cup Challenge

Rouwenna Lamm

Rouwenna Lamm is ACE’s National Program Director. She was a founding member of ACE’s New England team in 2009. She’s educated 67,000 students, trained 1,000 youth leaders, and built numerous ACE regional staff teams. Today, Rouwenna directs ACE’s regional programs and is focused on maximizing the collective impact of ACE’s programs. She loves playing outside and relaxing with friends.