Composting, Recycling, and Green Fairs, Go Maine!

I just returned from an awesome trip to Maine where I met some incredible students!

The youth of Maine are awake to the risks of climate change and they are on the move: transforming their schools and deepening their understanding of the solutions to take on the next set of challenges!

Check out some of what students are doing:

--Students at Cheverus High School in Portland are thinking of ways to expand their Outing Club to include more environmental education and service projects. They're also starting a Green Team to do composting on campus.

--At Thornton Academy in Saco students can take a class dedicated to researching alternative energy and policy solutions. So cool!

-- In Augusta, Cony High School students, inspired by an ACE presentation in December, have started a Green Team with a long list of projects: paper recycling, planting a garden, environmental education, AND composting with worms.

Cony High Action Team: Lower Your Emissions, Raise Your Voice!

--LearningWorks students (Portland), hard at work getting their GEDs and learning construction skills, are pumped to start a Climate Action Team to do community service. They're also gearing up to work with one of our awesome partner organizations, MEEP, to do an energy assessment of their classroom building!

-And get this, at Deering High School in Portland, students are working with the middle school AND elementary school to start a three-school composting program this spring. They also mentor the younger students by doing monthly green projects with the elementary kids, and hosting an annual green fair with the middle schoolers. Talk about collaboration!!

Check out some of the new ideas Deering students thought of after the ACE presentation:

Way to go Mainers!