CO Students Want Snow to Shred

Colorado has a lot at stake when it comes to a warming world: shorter (if any) ski seasons, disease and sharp economic downturn are just a few of the projected impacts. As the X Games get going in Aspen this week, students in Colorado are working hard to make sure there is always snow to shred!

Here at ACE, we're psyched to be a part of the action. We've teamed up with Disney, ESPN, and the Aspen Ski Co to bring climate education to the 2010 Winter X-Games. Two ACE Educators - Bridget and Michael (me) - have been on a 'March to the X-Games' whirlwind tour of the Roaring Fork Valley between Monday 1/25 - Thursday 1/28, where we'll be presenting LIVE FROM THE X-GAMES!

We've been interacting with hundreds of students in the past two days and it's clear: Colorado students are ready to take on climate change. Their schools are using natural light, solar energy, and engaging students in conversations about the environment, wilderness, and sustainability.

For folks in the Roaring Fork Valley, the mountains and natural habitats define their world - talking to students it's clear that there is love for being outdoors: hiking, biking, and water sports in the summer and snow sports in the winter.

Young people recognize the changes in our natural world, and we understand the ways that climate change is tied to pollution, environmental justice, and community health. We always can learn more, but we're ready to take action.

Check out our videos from the first two days on the March to the X-Games:

ACE's March to the Winter X-Games volume 1 from ACE Space on Vimeo.


We co-presented with Meg Olenick and Spencer O'Brien - two X-Games superstars- on Monday and are presenting LIVE FROM THE X-Games on Thursday. Keep with us on for all the updates.

What are you doing to lower your emissions and raise your voice on climate change? What's your DOT?