YACC Update

Hey guys,

Terrae here, checking in about my action team, the YACC!

So although I was not able to check-in last week about my first AT meeting, it went awesome! The students really liked the first day’s lesson. It involved some basic teachings of global warming along with two videos and a group activity. It was a huge success to start this action team on a good note.

The second class took place Friday 1/15 and it ran smooth but not as smooth as the first class. I started noticing my struggles of running an action team. It was a bit difficult to make sure students were engaged in what I was teaching to them and I believe the material I taught may have disengaged them a bit because I was not teaching it as effectively as I wished.

This week I am bouncing back! I plan on setting some ground rules and community norms for my class so they can be well aware of what is expected of them. Also, for this week’s lesson I am going to show them the very controversial movie “An Incontinent Truth”… That should bring them right back into place! I will check back in about how this class will go.

Checking out, Terrae!