COP15 Day 1 Inspiration

After a long but smooth flight across the Atlantic, Emily and I arrived in Copenhagen with a couple hours of daylight to spare. Already we have shared meals and conversation with young climate activists from Mexico, India, Spain, Cameroon, Sweden, Ethiopia, Australia and Burundi!

Over dinner with Phil Aroneanu and others from, I was introduced to two sisters from Addis Ababa, Liyu and Lily, who organized 15,000 to march on the October 24th day of action. I also met Marie, who established the Association Jeunesse Verte du Cameroun, bringing together young sustainability activists from across the African continent. Finally, also at the table was Landry, who learned English in six months to connect his community's climate action in Burundi to the globe.

Whether your perspective on international climate policy is optimistic or frustrated, hearing what young people are doing in their communities around the world is undeniably inspiring.

Matt Lappé

Matt Lappé is ACE's Executive Director. He was ACE’s fourth employee, brought on in 2008 to develop the science credibility of ACE’s programming. He holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, dog, and two daughters, Evelyn and Jennifer.