TODAY! Live Climate Chat w/Obama!!!

Always wanted to talk to the White House about climate change but Barack never answered your calls? Well you kept calling - and the White House is listening!

TODAY, top Obama officials will meet with over 150 young people like you in Washington, DC - including ACE Youth Leader Alec Loorz - to talk about climate change and how it affects our lives.

Even if you don't live in DC, you can be there. Now's your chance to talk directly with Obama about climate change and make your voice heard.
What will you ask him?You can pose your question this way:

Tune into the live White House webcast with your friends: TODAY DEC. 2. 4 pm-7 pm Eastern Time

Ask your questions on Facebook during the webcast here:

This is a terrific opportunity that aligns perfectly with ACE's philosophy of RAISING YOUR VOICE, and we hope you enjoy it! (And thanks again for Crushing Global Warming!