Climate Hero Alert :: Willie Truong

By Willie Truong, Oakland High School

Hi - my name is Willie Truong and I go to Oakland High School.  I want to tell you about the project that I did for trying to better our environment.

In the Future Leaders Institute (FLI), I created an environmental photography contest to inspire high school students to actually care about the environment.

In this photography contest, I was able to get students to go out into the environment to take pictures. The purpose is to motivate high school students to capture one-of-a-kind photos which can inspire their peers to protect planet Earth.

Check out some videos from our project!

You can see all of the awesome contestant photos here.

I am planning to continue a similar project like this that can motivate my high school peers to take action and help out the environment. Hopefully, I can create a stronger project which will impact my community and high school.