Today, we stand back up.

For many of us committed to solving the climate crisis, the results of the election on Tuesday night left us heartbroken. Our work just got a lot harder with a President-elect who has said climate change is a hoax. And, these feelings of grief don’t start or end with climate change. They extend to what it feels like today to be an immigrant, a person of color, a LGBTQ+ individual, a woman, someone differently-abled, someone of a religious minority, or anyone working on issues to build more equity and justice in our nation. Together, we mourn.

Some of the most powerful moments in history were born out of feelings of despair and pain.

The road ahead of us is much different than it was before, and what we need from one another has also changed. Today, we need to love and support one another. In the darkest of times, we still have each other. We still have hope. And most importantly, we still have our resolve to fight another day, and fight harder.

We want you to know that we’re here for you in whatever way that you need us. We know that you’re each being impacted in different ways, but we want you to know that no matter the result of an election, we are deeply committed to supporting young people and our collective fight for climate justice.

Some of the most powerful moments in history were born out of feelings of despair and pain. The civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement are examples of where humanity came together to transform their grief into power. That’s why our message to you today is to feel all the feelings, and when you’re ready, get up. We’re not helpless. Feel powerful and know that you have millions of others standing with you.

Here’s something you can do right now:

President Obama is still in office until January 20. There are actions he can take now that can’t be reversed. Today, we’re launching a new campaign that asks President Obama to stand with youth on climate change before he leaves office. The first step is a petition asking him to use his executive power to resolve this lawsuit and protect the rights of children and future generations to a safe climate before he leaves office.

Sign and share the petition to make sure President Obama leaves the strongest climate legacy possible for our future.