2016-2017 Action Fellow | 2016-2017 Communications Fellow

Aryaana currently resides in Queens and attends Manhattan Hunter Science High School. She realized the significance of climate change at a very young age when she lived in Bangladesh, where she participated in annual food drives for the thousands of inhabitants that regularly lost their homes to erratic flood inundation.

The impetus for her call for action took place in her freshman year of high school when she was introduced to the Global Kids program. After shortly working with their Human Rights Activist project, she learned about ACE online and continued her interest in the call for climate justice. Although the past cannot be undone, she feels an obligation to be a part of the present that ensures a better and more renewable direction for the future. She strongly believes that youth will be at the center of achieving that.

Aryaana’s other interests also coincide with science, as she hopes to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. She began attending a medical-related program in Sophie Davis, and in school, she was a leader for numerous after school science-based classes and clubs. She enjoys volleyball a great deal and recently started enjoying badminton. She hopes, through the Fellowship, to flourish into a person that can better advocate for the health and well-being of humanity whether that is by nurturing their personal health or by spreading awareness about climate change. 

Aryaana Khan
New York City
Manhattan Hunter Science High School