A look at the year ahead: Road to renewables

Back-to-school time is always exciting for ACE because it means the launch of our annual Action Fellowship. The Action Fellowship, a yearlong intensive advocacy training program, gives young people the knowledge, skills and confidence to be powerful climate leaders now, and for a lifetime.

The following community snapshots represent our roadmap for the 2016-2017 Action Fellowship, launching in five cities across the country this week. This year, the theme is clear. Young people are demanding energy justice through a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure, increased investment for renewable energy projects, and equitable access to renewable energy for all people.

New York, New York

ACE is continuing its partnership with the Sane Energy Project and the Natural Resources Defense Council to secure a large-scale, long-term commitment for offshore wind development in New York, and to advocate for renewable energy investment to ensure that 80% of New York City’s government operations are powered with renewable energy by 2050.

Raleigh, North Carolina

ACE is partnering with NC WARN and Repower Our Schools this year to advocate for 100% renewable energy initiatives at the district and state level. The North Carolina Fellowship's activities will include a campaign to hold Duke Energy accountable for hampering the state’s progress towards a renewable future, including a proposed merger with Piedmont Natural Gas. The Fellowship will also push for 100% renewable energy in local school districts. 

Boston, Massachusetts

ACE is joining forces with the Better Future Project and the #MassPowerForward Coalition this year to call on the Governor and legislature to advance Massachusetts toward a safer and healthier economy powered by local, clean, renewable sources, keeping the state on track to reduce climate change pollution by no less than 80% by 2050.

Las Vegas, Nevada

ACE is continuing our partnership with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) and the Sierra Club to advocate for a just transition to a renewable energy future while accelerating the implementation of Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard of 25% by 2025. 

San Francisco Bay, California

ACE is collaborating with Food and Water Watch and the Center for Biological Diversity this year to ban California fossil fuel extraction in all its forms and restrict the use of fracking and oil waste water on Central Valley crops. The Bay Area Fellowship will be fighting for renewable energy by promoting Community Choice Aggregation (CCAs) and solar programs with GRID Alternatives in low-income communities.

We are thrilled to welcome the Class of 2017 Action Fellows.

Matt Lappé

Matt Lappé is ACE's Executive Director. He was ACE’s fourth employee, brought on in 2008 to develop the science credibility of ACE’s programming. He holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, dog, and two daughters, Evelyn and Jennifer.