We Stand for Justice

We at ACE have been deeply affected by the ongoing violence around our country. The attack in Orlando targeting the LGBTQ+ community, the repeated murders of Black people by police, and the recent shootings of police officers, have left us stunned. These events make clear the important work our nation must do to address the systemic racism and xenophobia that threaten people of color, those who identify as LGBTQ+ and all people who are marginalized in our society.

Usually, we write to you about climate change and how we’re working with young people to fight it. Today, we write to stand with all victims of violence and reject the racism and xenophobia at the center of it.

We work on climate change because we care as much about people as we do about the planet. And through our work, we’re fighting for greater inclusion in the movement, highlighting that climate change is a justice issue, not just an environmental one. We believe that standing against oppression is central to the climate movement, and essential for cultivating a just future. We are actively learning how to build solidarity on issues of race, gender, class, ability and LGBTQ+ justice in our work, and commit to this practice in perpetuity.

We also recognize the complexity of these topics and the long history of systemic oppression in our country. We know that we will be imperfect in our efforts, but are committed to being thoughtful, learning from others, and becoming true allies to the oppressed. We stand in allyship with those directly affected by the violence we witness in our world today. And, it is with hope that we continue to believe in the leadership of young people to transform our future into one where we can all live in dignity.

If you are able, we invite you to join us by volunteering or donating to organizations who are working to address racial and social inequities, like those listed below:

Race Forward  //  The Trevor Project

The ACE Team