Wall Street Journal Youth Petition

Tell the Wall Street Journal to tell the truth about climate change

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has the largest print circulation of any newspaper in the US, reaching more than 2.3 million people each day. As a trusted news source, the WSJ has an obligation to present unbiased reporting on climate change that’s aligned with mainstream consensus on the topic.

However, a review of the WSJ’s opinion section over the last twenty years shows a very different story.

The Partnership for Sustainable Growth found that even though 97% of climate scientists agree that made made climate change is real, just 7% of The Wall Street Journal’s op-eds, editorials and columns acknowledge it. Even worse, the WSJ consistently gave those profiting from fossil fuels a platform to be heard, while downplaying the potential impacts of climate change.

Enough is enough. It’s time to speak the truth.

We demand reliable news that is based on facts, not Big Oil interests.

It is time for The Wall Street Journal to publicly tell the truth about climate change and put responsible journalism above fossil fuel interests. Our planet’s future is counting on it.

1,200 young people from around the country have signed on. Join them: