ACE Our Climate Our Future Trailer

Our Climate Our Future

Our Climate Our Future is an award-winning climate education resource for teachers and students with climate change videos, interactive trivia questions, climate change lesson plans and more.

Get access to a host of exciting resources, including:

  • Climate science told through animation
  • Stories from young people impacted by climate change from across the country
  • Innovative climate solutions
  • Opportunities for students to take action via trivia, texting, and social media

What do teachers say about Our Climate Our Future?

“So happy to have found you all as a resource. What an important time to be teaching climate change and helping our future generation understand the science behind so much of what is happening in our world today. Look forward to using Our Climate Our Future to help teach these concepts to my students next year.”
-- Britnee Reid, Gastonia, NC

“I loved how current the issues were and that they were told from a young person's point of view.”
-- Lori Irvine, Omaha, NE

“The video does a very good job of communicating information in a way my students can understand. Showing how climate change impacts real people, their age, is powerful.”
-- Mona McCormick, Sedalia, MO

“Thanks for making climate change information very engaging and student friendly. I learned a lot as a teacher and it also launched us into further inquiry.”
-- Donna Idstrom, Rosemount, MN

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