Youth are Shifting the Climate Conversation

ACE Action Fellows in New England

ACE provides award-winning climate science programming that gives every student a chance to take action. For some, it’s a small lifestyle change. For others, it’s hands-on preparation for a lifetime of leadership. Hear what Page has to say about ACE’s ability to activate youth leaders:

We take pride in giving young people direct pathways to leadership. Whether students sign up to Do One Thing, create an ACE Action Team at their school, or take part in the yearlong ACE Action Fellowship, we provide the support young people need to become climate leaders.

In the year to come, ACE will support over 70 Action Fellows nationwide to develop essential knowledge, skills, and experience to take action on climate.

Now is the time to act. Will you help us empower the next generation of climate leaders?

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Josh Walker

Josh is the Associate Director of Marketing and Technology at ACE. Josh has experience as an environmental educator and community organizer. He is a locavore and tiny house enthusiast. He lives in Sebastopol, CA with his wife, Anna, and their kale-loving dog, Otto.