2015-2016 Action Fellow

Desiree Obaji has always been active in her community. Whether if it was volunteering her time at the local clinic or just participating in neighborhood events, she is readily willing to lend a supportive hand. Due to the fact that she'd spent time outside, Desiree began to look closely at nature and her offerings. She became very curious as to what was in her environment, the planet as a whole and how we humans play a role in environmental changes. At first, climate change seemed like a topic that could be solved generally over a short period of time, but reality soon came into play and she quickly realized that it wasn't as easy.

Desiree Obaji is a junior at Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School in Queens, New York. She has lived in New York for pretty much all her life and has inspiration in many areas. Desiree loves God, music, performing, reading, eating -- life in general. She holds her family close to heart and is grateful for every little blessing she has the opportunity of having.

New York City
Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School