ACE Launches New Website

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For Immediate Release
Release Date: 5/14/2015
Contact: Leah Qusba | 262.880.8661 |

Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), a national nonprofit that works to teach high school students the science behind climate change and gives them opportunities to take action, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website: The bold design elegantly tells the story of ACE’s work and highlights the students across the country who are taking control of their future.  

Starting on the homepage, users are directed to press play. They are welcomed by a new video that will reintroduce them to ACE’s mission and inspire passion for their work. Sitewide, users will experience a more streamlined, user-centric layout that allows them to easily access information based on interest.

The site is a hub for all things related to climate science, education and youth activism. It seamlessly highlights the organization’s great work while offering a suite of great resources for students, teachers and climate activists alike.

Users are encouraged to meet ACE’s Fellows working on climate campaigns across the country. Students might explore the science behind climate change, take quizzes or read about some of the great work their peers are doing in cities near them. Students are encouraged to join ACE’s student network for email and text alerts, and opportunities to take action. They can also apply to ACE’s Action Fellowship program: a yearlong fellowship that gives young people the knowledge, skills and confidence to be powerful climate leaders, while giving them hands-on experience with a local climate solution. 

The website also offers a host of resources for teachers. They can access lesson plans, videos and quizzes to empower them in teaching climate science with excellence. Teachers wanting more information are directed to enroll in ACE’s Teacher Network. Teachers can also review and book ACE’s award winning assembly on climate change for their school.

ACE’s new website is the perfect destination to learn the basics of climate science, get involved in the climate movement and explore the powerful work young people across the country are doing to fight climate change. Explore the website here.

More about ACE:

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) recognizes that young people have the most to lose when it comes to climate change, and the most to gain by solving it. ACE educates high school students about climate change and inspires them to take action.

Since 2008, ACE has reached over 1.8 million students across America with its climate education program and inspired over 300,000 students to take action. ACE has also empowered thousands of new and diverse students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be effective leaders. The program has been proven to work. In 2014, ACE students advocated for a New York City climate education mandate, pushed for school districts to cut carbon, and partnered with policy experts for lasting climate solutions.

ACE seeks to shift the landscape of climate engagement, which has traditionally excluded young people and communities of color – those that are most affected by climate consequences. 73% of ACE schools are public and 60% of students in its programs are youth of color.