5 Ways to (Green) Hack the Holidays

DIY gift wrap
DIY gift wrap

Here’s the deal. We want to have a fun holiday season without trashing the planet. Can it be done? YES.

Here are some easy ways to Hack the Holidays — green style.

#1. DIY Gift Wrap

Save paper by making your own creative gift wrap! Choose reuse: newspapers, ads, calendars, maps, old homework… whatever you want. And top it off with your own DIY plastic bag bow. DONE.

#2. Gifts: Think Outside the Box

The most memorable gifts don’t come from the store. Consider giving your family and friends gifts of time and experience — not more stuff. How about a home-cooked dinner? Family movie night? Doing the dishes without whining? Free music lessons? The sky’s the limit. Print out your own coupon book here.

#3. Carpool to Grandma’s House

Traffic (and pollution) is the worst! When traveling for the holidays, play a game called How Many People Can We Fit In One Car. Singing not required.

#4. Deck the Halls with LEDs

LEDs use one-fifth as much electricity as standard incandescent lights, and last 25 times longer. ‘Nuff said. And so many pretty colors!

#5. Rock a Sweater

Stay cozy over the winter holidays by rocking your favorite sweater. Setting the thermostat to 68 degrees saves energy and money, and wearing sweaters makes you more attractive for snuggling. Just saying.

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