2015-2016 Action Fellow

Tamia Sanders was born in Durham North Carolina, where she currently resides and is a senior at Hillside High School. Tamia has always been very interested in global science and is passionate about educating people on global climate change and how we can stop it. Tamia is an alumni of Wake Forest’s LENS Global Sustainability program, where she worked with community partners on food sustainability. Tamia takes great pride in participating in her school’s student government, where, as senior class president, she can help get the student’s voices and concerns heard. This is exactly what she plans to do with the ACE Fellows in regards to the imminent effects of climate change. Tamia has many interests that include intersectional feminism, debate, and activism. In her free time, she likes to read, attend rallies, cheer, and mentor young girls at her church.

Hillside High School