2015-2016 Action Fellow

Jasmine Gregory is an Action Fellow from Franklinton, North Carolina. She attends J.F. Webb High School of Health and Life Sciences as a junior. Jasmine cares about climate change because she understands that our Earth is precious. She understands that climate change is a big deal and that action must be taken now. Jasmine realizes how negatively climate change will harm our ecosystems, species, and human populations. She wishes to contribute to the preservation of the Earth so that the generations to come will be able to experience the many wonders of the world. From the Action Fellowship, Jasmine hopes to increase her knowledge not only about the growing problem of climate change but how to properly educate others about climate change as well.

Other interests of Jasmine’s include horseback riding, Future Farmers of America, reading, cross country, zip lining and track. She also enjoys the outdoors and eating fruit.


J.F. Webb High School of Health and Life Sciences

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