2015-2016 Action Fellow

Delphine Zheng is from Queens, New York and is currently a senior at Townsend Harris High School. She is very interested in expanding her knowledge of climate change and learning more about what she could do to get more people aware of climate change and its impact. Delphine is very excited to be an ACE Fellow and cares deeply about climate change because it will continue to affect us as long as humans live on this Earth. She feels that we should be determined to protect our environment and the other species that live on this Earth by being mindful of the actions our society has done that have contributed to this global change.

Delphine is also very involved in her school and local community. She loves talking about politics, debating, and giving back through service. As vice president of Key Club, she leads members volunteering at local events such as charity walks and soup kitchens. Delphine is also involved in her school's Junior State of America (JSA) club in which she debates with others about current events and politics in America today. Outside of school, she is involved with an organization called MinKwon that focuses on working toward greater immigration reform and civic engagement. Delphine is especially passionate about combating the social issues that continue to oppress many groups today and feels that all individuals truly have the ability to affect change and leave their city greater than they found it.

New York City
Townsend Harris High School