When Media and Action Meet: Students Create Inspiring Recycling Documentary

Throughout life, we all need teachers. None of us is born able to walk immediately, or ride a tricycle or even read. The knowledge of each of these actions gave us each a new confidence and sparked within us an idea. The idea to run, take off those training wheels or write your own story.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

--  Albert Einstein

The Zebulon B. Vance Environmental Club already knew the importance of recycling.  They also understood the power of media and sparked an idea to focus on getting a message out to their fellow classmates. A message about recycling and the impact it can have on their school. Members of the club suggested creating a documentary that would show what their school was like before they

Documentarian Brian talks with a student. Documentarian Brian talks with a student.

implemented a recycling plan and after they implement their recycling plan.

In order to accomplish this, the Environmental Club teamed up with local director and filmographer, Bryan Wright, who has worked

with ACE to provide training around obtaining and delivering positive media.

The students and their advisor Ms. Merkl worked with Bryan to create a documentary, which premiered on televisions in and around the cafeteria on Earth Day during their week-long Earth Week celebration.

The students are taking this message a step further: They plan to build a giant tree completely made of recyclable materials that were found as litter around the school. Students have collected chip bags, papers and bottles to build the tree, which will be displayed in the entrance to the school once complete. The Recycling Tree is already about 4 ft tall...and that’s just the trunk! We can't wait to see what they do next.

Melinda Lilly

Melinda is ACE’s Senior Communications Manager and lives in the Queen City - Charlotte, NC. She’s been supporting NC youth who are engaged in the fight against climate change since 2012! When she’s not at work, Melinda loves to watch anything from the Marvel Comics Universe and cook delicious food from scratch.