We Won’t Stand on the Sidelines

As an organization committed to fighting for justice in all forms, we condemn white supremacy. We acknowledge that the roots of racism run deep in our country, roots which became starkly visible this past weekend in Charlottesville.

We stand in solidarity against the violent acts of racism that caused many severe injuries and loss of life. We also recognize the complexity of these topics and the long history of systemic racism that dates back to our founding as a nation and how these systems are entwined with all forms of injustice.

As an organization, we are committed to actively learning how to build solidarity on issues of race, gender, class, ability, and LGBTQ+ justice in our work. We are committed to being thoughtful, learning from others, and building alliances with organizations working to break down the systems that oppress.

Please also read below the press release, co-signed by ACE and over 100 environmental and public interest groups showing solidarity in condemning this violence.


Environmental and Public Interest Groups Condemn Racist Violence and Intolerance in Charlottesville, Virginia

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A broad coalition of environmental, public health and public interest groups, including prominent African American and Latino organizations, issued the following joint statement in response to this past weekend’s white nationalist gathering and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and President Trump's inexplicable reversal as to who’s to blame for the violence:

"Our nation witnessed tragic, despicable and completely unnecessary violence in Charlottesville this past weekend. Driven by hatred and racism, these white nationalist and neo-nazi groups and their actions do not represent our values, nor the values of the vast majority of Americans. We also remember the life of Heather Heyer and commit to continuing the struggle she died for.

The behavior of white nationalists is neither acceptable nor normal and we will continue to stand in solidarity against such hatred and in defense of the rights and safety of communities across the country like Charlottesville. We will not tolerate any form of hatred or discrimination and will align ourselves with communities of color and creeds that are the target of ongoing bigotry.

We call on our political leaders to condemn these acts not just today, but every time they happen. President Trump and all political leaders, no matter their party affiliation, have an obligation to stand up against such hate groups immediately and unequivocally. Their voices and words — and lack thereof — matter.

The tragic events in Charlottesville fall on our shoulders as a nation. No one who stands for justice, equality, and human dignity can stay silent any longer. We will stand unified against the white nationalist movement that everyday threatens America’s people and ideals, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. We will ultimately prevail by countering this hate with love."

Matt Lappé

Matt Lappé is ACE's Executive Director. He was ACE’s fourth employee, brought on in 2008 to develop the science credibility of ACE’s programming. He holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, dog, and two daughters, Evelyn and Jennifer.