Sweet Tooth?

In the article Lesson For Schools: Sweetened Junk Shouldn't Count as Food by Ed Bruske, talks about how too much sugar is given to kids in school lunches. In the school lunch rules it says the sugar level should be no more than 30% of the calories...but schools just have a hard time obeying this. Of course they want the food to look more appealing. That's like asking a kid "would you rather have pizza or salad?"

Ed breaks down the whole difference between glucose..."Some medical researchers are now concerned that high doses of fructose may have other health consequences besides contributing to an overabundance of calories in the diet. Fructose is metabolized somewhat differently by the body than sucrose and other forms of sugar. It goes directly to the liver. Researchers hypothesize that fructose could be responsible for an increasing incidence of fatty liver disease, as well as metabolic problems such as insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes."

Either way sugar is not good for you. Soda is filled with sugar...so say you stop drinking soda and now you only drink juice. Well juice is just as bad as soda. Water is your best option. Just by eating fruits will provide your body with it's natural sugars. It wont have you feeling really groggy and crash within an hour after being super hyper.

Just stick to fruits and minimal sugar. You can live a healthier life and won't be caught in the trap of addiction!!!

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