Students Meet With Senators During Spring Break

ACE Fellows at Carson City
ACE Fellows at Carson City

On April 1, 2015, eight Nevada students serving in a yearlong Fellowship with ACE spent their spring break lobbying state senators to support energy efficiency in Nevada. The day of lobbying was organized by ACE and the Sierra Club and was designed to offer the Fellows an opportunity to educate legislators about local solutions to climate change.

Through the Fellowship, ACE trained students in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno on climate science, impacts, and solutions. The Sierra Club co-facilitated many of the trainings and taught the Fellows about Nevada’s proposed Energy Efficiency Resource Standards, which could help Nevada fight climate change.

“If each homeowner adapted their house to be more energy efficient, the environment [would] feel less pressure from the amount of pollution that each home produces on a daily basis,” said Sarah Ko, 17, from Liberty High School in Henderson, NV.

Speaking with their state senators about the importance of climate change and energy efficiency reinforced the Fellows’ focus and conviction.

“It’s important for young people to be involved so we can share new beneficial ideas that adults may not have thought of,” said Jalen Seel, 14, from Liberty High School.

“Young people carry the future. Being able to involve [us] will enable a cleaner brighter future,” added Joe-Allen Nunez, 17, from Basic High School in Henderson, NV.

After the day of lobbying, Fellows had a clear call to action for their peers.

“[Students] should send letters or emails to their legislature[s] because we all have a voice… politicians are more likely to respond if a surplus of students talk about a similar issue,” offered Caitlin Gatchalian, 16, from West Tech High School in Las Vegas, NV.


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