#PowershiftJourneys tells the Stories of ACE Student Leaders

Every single person within the environmental movement has a story. We each carry with us past victories and challenges, uncommon skills and insights, and inspired visions for what’s next. We're devoted in our own way to building the future that we want—a future that is safe, sustainable, and free from the threat of a changing climate.

Pablo Gomez Pablo Gomez

Up until this point, the story of the fight against climate change is one that has been told to us, through science, through political debate, and occasionally through the filter of a press release. But just like our generation is shifting the conversation on climate change, we’re also shifting the way that conversation is being held. It’s time the world heard the story of the environmental movement directly from the people on the front lines.

Enter #PowershiftJourneys-- a storytelling project that utilizes social media to highlight the stories of environmental trailblazers. These young people are from all across the country, have a diverse set of backgrounds, and have worked on a variety of projects.

We at ACE are so excited to announce that Pablo Gomez and Olivia Robinson-Richardson, two of our ACE California leaders, have been chosen to participate in this project! So without further ado, is a snapshot of who they are in their own words, via #PowershiftJourneys:

“I want you and I, and every individual coming after us, to be able to comfortably make our own decisions, to live our own lives, not the lives molded out for us by bodies of greed who see us as nothing more than moving wallets.” – Pablo Gomez, Los Angeles CA

Read more of Pablo's story here.

Olivia Robinson Olivia Robinson

“If you love the earth like I do, I want you to join me in reaching change. Let’s dance our ways there, sing our ways there, paint our ways there, record our ways there, joke our ways there, SCIENCE our ways there! Then, in a conniption of smiles, colors and giggles, we’ll burst right into change, together.”- Olivia- Robinson-Richardson, Berkeley, CA

Read more of Olivia's story here

More info on Powershift: Over the weekend of October 18-20, more than 10,000 students, activists, and young professionals will descend upon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for PowerShift. We're joining together from all across the country to work on biggest issue our generation has ever faced: climate change. We'll exchange ideas, gain skills and ultimately build a plan for a more sustainable future. It's not to late to register! Join us!