Need some good climate news?

There are thousands of high school students across the US working toward creating a cleaner, brighter future. They are not waiting to grow up to make a difference, or just hoping our current leaders will figure something out.

These students are literally redefining green every single day -- throwing eco-proms, creating viral videos about climate change, inspiring massive art projects and more. You can see students talking about climate change here:

To kick off the Memorial Day Weekend, I am very excited to announce and highlight our 2010 high school scholarship winners!! This year, we awarded scholarship awards totaling $25,000 to ten high school students in seven regions across the country who have taken on impressive projects to curb climate change.

Winners’ projects ranged from directing films about simple green acts and creating artwork made from recycled materials to discussing climate change with local politicians and installing solar panels at school.

Our scholarship program was expanded this year from Northern California to a national scope. This is our second year awarding scholarships to high school students who have a track record of leading carbon-reducing projects in their communities. Each scholarship award totals $2500 and must be applied to future collegiate study.

At a time when oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, and we still struggle with climate legislation, this next generation of climate leaders continues to inspire me and give me strength.

Know a climate leader near you? Share his or her story in the comments below!