Join in on the Fun in Copenhagen

By Alec Loorz - ACE Youth Advisor

Here’s some stuff you guys can do at home in solidarity with the activists here in Copenhagen:

WEDNESDAY: Earth Hour is going to be held, where everyone turns off their lights. There will be a candlelight vigil here in Copenhagen, and people around the world are participating. Check it out at

THURSDAY: is going to be a ‘Climate Justice Fast’ where we spend the whole day voluntarily going without food, and a personal reflection on the climate crisis, and what we as humanity need to do to solve it.

SIGN UP: You can also sign up to be part of the Rapid Response Team at Energy Action Coalition:

Copenhagen really is one of the greenest cities I’ve ever seen. Over 35% of all of the residents ride their bikes to work, rather than driving. And on my way in, I noticed a ton of wind energy, right alongside the regular coal power plants. And today during dinner, I sat next to the guy who put together a climate change action plan for Copenhagen. They are going to be completely carbon neutral by 2025, hoping to be the first city in the world. They began this effort in 1990, and they are especially concerned because their entire city would be underwater.

There’s so much going on over here. This is just a fraction of everything that’s going on. More updates tomorrow, and maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep tonight!

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