An eco-prom? Priceless

By Mitch Hilbert, Southboro, MA

As ACE stated at the beginning of the prom contest, prom dresses and tuxedos can run a pretty penny; that is why my girlfriend, Dana Reuter, and I decided to go green with ours and save some green. Though tuxes do not cost as much as most dresses, they are quite expensive.

After pricing out whether it would be cheaper to rent a tux and buy it piece by piece, it was cheaper not to rent. Plus, this way my brother, who is in a suit most everyday can wear it until I need it. My shirt, shoes and belt were all borrowed from my brother, but that still left the coat and pants. After shopping from store to store, I was able to find a set that was perfect and on sale. All in all the suit cost much less than renting and it will be reused for years between my brother and I.

Dana's dress was created and designed by her with help from her sister and myself. The pieces for the dress were all fabrics which were laying around her house and the other articles of clothing that go along with the dress were all already bought prior to prom.

Dana said her inspiration for creating her own prom dress was"...the fact that I wanted a dress that I wouldn't wear for one occasion then store it away forever". This dress is definitely one that she will wear out to another function. After days of pinning and reordering parts of the dress, it was finished and ready to be sewn.

As with all formal dances, a corsage and boutonniere were needed. I did not want to go out and buy one, because of the high prices and chemicals they have on the so I picked my own. It is not as hard as it seems though, I was able to find most every flower in my garden and I held them all together with a small bit of green tape. Personally, I liked my homemade ones better than the store bought ones.

The reaction from friends and other people at from was shocking. Throughout the night people including the chaperoning teachers and staff complimented and questioned my girlfriend on her dress.

Going green is not just something for tree hugging hippies anymore. It is simple to do and anyone can do it.

The cool thing about it is that there is not one, but many advantages to going green: from saving the planet, to saving money and to being the best dressed! I would love to see more people take the extra step and go green and have fun with it!

Thank you ACE!