Do Projects

Is your Action Team looking for a new project? Check out these ideas from ACE and Action Teams across the country.

Get your peers to pledge to Do One Thing to fight climate change, then make a mural out of the DOTs. A DOT mural is a great way to raise awareness about climate change and create something beautiful. If you are looking for a fun, impactful, simple starter project, this is it!

In an age dominated by Internet and instant news, your leaders still read local papers, especially when thinking through important decisions. Plus, they welcome fresh ideas from young people. Writing a letter to the local paper is a great way for you to raise an issue. 

Do you want to take your climate education efforts a bit deeper? Organizing a climate summit for your school, community, or region is a great way to educate your community about many issues related to climate change at once, or dive deep into one topic you really care about. Plus, they’re tons of fun!

Did you know that 40% of U.S. urban travel is for distances of 2 miles or less and that 90% of those trips are taken by car? A Walk and Roll Day is an excellent way to raise awareness about the connection between everyday transportation choices and climate change.

You probably see a lot of this at school: Buses idle when loading passengers, parents idle when waiting for their kids, and your friends may idle to “warm up” their engine. With some good information and a friendly smile, you can cut the idling and drastically reduce carbon emissions at your school, while making your parking lot a little less disgusting.

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