Jillian & Andrew: Reflections on Hurricane Ian

Jillian Ortega


September 29, 2022

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Words from Jillian Ortega

Leaving the house this morning, I thought I was going to fly away. Not only was it pouring outside, but the winds were unusually hard, almost hurricane-like. Just getting out of my car to go to school was like something out of a movie. Not only did my umbrella keep going the opposite way, but my shoes were wet for the rest of the day.

What first started as a tropical storm is now a category 4 hurricane that is making its way to the west coast of Florida. Although my South Florida will not be directly hit by the hurricane, just days before, we are experiencing harsh weather. Going to school today was out of the ordinary. All people were talking about was the hurricane. Are we going to school tomorrow? Will the hurricane change its path? Will it hit us? I think I heard these questions about a thousand times today. In my Psychology class, the only thing we talked about was the hurricane and how dangerous it is for us to be at school while such a destructive storm is right outside ready to devour us. 

I think climate change plays a huge role in how destructive the hurricane becomes. Hurricanes run on warm water, which is why they are becoming stronger as sea temperatures continue to rise. Not only will they become more intense, but they will also start slowing down. Research revolving the connection between climate change and hurricanes have stated that hurricanes move slower the warmer it is. This grows concern as many cities are being destroyed by these storms and will only continue to worsen in the upcoming years.

A video message from Andrew Rivera

Ways to help after Hurricane Fiona

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Ways to help after Hurricane Ian

Jillian Ortega

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