The Climate Emergency is Here.

Jasmine Gregory


October 22, 2021

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Year after year, month after month, extreme climate events have become more frequent and intensified. Hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires are just some of the constant reminders that the climate emergency is here and now. The latest IPCC reports estimate that we have just under a decade to address the climate emergency before it’s too late. Although the time for action is quickly fading, there is still hope for climate justice.  But right now, our governments are failing us. In The Production Gap: 2021 Report, released on Wednesday October 20th, it reveals that despite commitments made through the 2015 Paris Agreement, the world’s largest fossil fuel producing countries are on track to increase fossil fuel production in the coming years. More specifically, the report shows that 20 major industrialized countries are responsible for $300 billion dollars of funding dedicated to the production of fossil fuels since the beginning of the pandemic. The U.S. alone is planning for a 17% increase in oil production and a 12% increase in gas production by 2030 in comparison to 2019.  This is the moment to fight for our futures and hold our elected leaders accountable to addressing the climate emergency. Fossil fuel use has proved to be catastrophic and our elected officials must take courageous and urgent action to implement emergency level responses and meet the reality of this moment. 

A growing coalition of partners, composed of youth-serving, youth-led, and intergenerational climate justice organizations across the climate movement, and other intersectional social justice movements, launched the Now or Never campaign to sound the alarm for the climate emergency and mobilize the power of young people. The Now Or Never coalition of partners includes: Climate Emergency Advocates (CEA), Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE), Power Shift Network, Our Climate, Fridays for Future U.S., GreenFaith, Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, Florida Student Power Network, The CLEO Institute, The Story of Stuff Project, Schools for Climate Action and more.  We’re calling on elected leaders at the national, state, and local levels to declare climate emergencies and unlock access to emergency level powers and resources. We are telling our leaders that it’s #NoworNever because the science and experiences of those on the frontlines make it clear– there is no more time to waste!

Since the September 29th launch of Now Or Never, the campaign has reached and mobilized thousands of young people in signing petitions, calling their representatives, and sending emails to demand that leaders declare a climate emergency. In the upcoming months, the Now Or Never coalition will continue to mobilize youth through digital actions, a virtual lobby week, and COP26 actions. From October 25th-29th, youth from across the country will participate in the Now or Never Lobby Week. Youth will be asking local elected leaders on the municipal level to declare a climate emergency and enact an emergency-level response with the speed and scale that science and justice demand. 

During the Virtual Lobby week we will make it abundantly clear, our government isn’t doing enough. Extreme weather events, millions displaced, and ecosystems destroyed. Our elected leaders have chosen a response that increases fossil fuel production instead of investing in equitable solutions that will benefit our climate and future. It’s time for an emergency level response to the climate crisis and inaction cannot persist. We are sending out a rallying call that the time for declaring climate emergencies is now and we will fight for our futures by holding elected leaders accountable!

If you are interested in joining the campaign and taking action, join us today! We invite partners to help amplify the campaign, the stories and voices of young people participating in Now Or Never, and the ongoing opportunities to take action. The time for youth-led climate action campaigns is now and in the coming months, the Now Or Never coalition will continue to engage young people, grow our coalition of partners, and push for emergency level climate action.

Jasmine Gregory

Jasmine Gregory

Policy Analyst

Jasmine is a Policy Analyst for ACE based in Raleigh, NC. In her role she collaborates with various ACE teams to advance coordinated efforts concerning climate, justice and other relevant policy and advocacy efforts. Jasmine enjoys exploring nature, reading and listening to podcasts.

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