Vic Barrett


ACE Fellow Honoree

Vic Barrett is from low-lying land in New York, which is threatened by rising sea levels and more frequent storm surges, and has felt firsthand climate impacts in the form of Hurricane Sandy, when their home lost power and school and local transport shut down. Vic has been learning about and fighting against the ways environmental racism and global climate justice manifest for 5 years now.

They are a Fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education, traveled to Paris to attend and speak at the COP21 UN Conference on Climate Change, and is a plaintiff in the lawsuit brought by Our Children's Trust against the United States government for failing to act to protect our climate for future generations. Vic is now an undergraduate student at UW-Madison. They currently sit on the diversity committee for the Nelson Institute to help advise and involve students of color in environmental activism, including action at the local level. They care deeply about climate change, justice, and human rights, especially regarding the ways climate change affects young people like them.

Victoria Barrett

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